Welcome to our Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Blue River Horse Center volunteer team!
REQUIRED OR OPTIONAL ANSWERS: While only 15 of the 30 questions below are required, we are interested in learning about you and what aspects of our program appeal to you most, so please complete as many of the optional questions as you can.
UPDATING YOUR DETAILS. Let's stay in touch! If you have already applied, fill in your First Name, Last Name and Email Address, click Next, and you will be asked to select a time and date during which we can call you to update your details in our system. Thank you!
APPLICATIONS FOR ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS: On the last page of your own application, click Finish, and you will be returned to the beginning of the application. Fill out a new application for each new person.
CHILDREN VOLUNTEERS: Children ages 5-18 are encouraged to volunteer at Blue River Horse Center.
  • CHILDREN AGES 5 to 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. If a child under 15 would like to volunteer, the parent(s) must also sign up as a volunteer and go through the training program as a family.
  • CHILDREN AGES 15 to 17 can sign up and take the volunteer training class without a parent or guardian. Once they have taken the first class they may volunteer, if they have an adult volunteer present who has agreed to supervise him/her while the child is volunteering, until he/she turns 18 .